Who We Are
We are here not for income but for an outcome

The purpose of Destined for Greatness is to empower and motivate at-risk young ladies ages 11 to 21 years old. Our mission is to show these youth that no matter what their downfalls have been, there is always a way to rise up above the negatives. The DFG Mentoring Program provides tools to help young ladies truly become Destined for Greatness!

We educate, encourage, and empower young ladies to do things that once may have seemed impossible to achieve. The goal is to build strong leaders and future professionals. We must stop the streets and crime from taking our future generations and turning them into mere statistics. Our topics include, but are not limited to: hygiene, self-esteem, education, and job readiness.

We are here for the outcome yet we are in need of your income! Together we help families thrive and not just survive!!

In-Kind services accepted. Join the team and volunteer we appreciate your time and service because DFG Cares!!!